Find A Local Church

The purpose of is to provide our visitors with a list of known churches in Marshall, TX so that you can find a family of like believers to fellowship with. For those who are home-bound or can't travel, we also provide links to our own online community of faith, Last Harvest Fellowship

Request Prayer

One of the primary functions of a local church is to be a place to be able to ask for prayer. For our web visitors, we invite you to post your prayer requests in our PRAYER CLOUD so that others can pray for you. Certainly, if you want to remain private, you can call Pastor Ken Freeman at 903 926 2607 for private prayer.

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Do you have a church? Want to be listed on this sitte? Want a custom page for your site's contact? Contact us using our handy contact form or call 903 926 2607. We really want to hear from you.